Contested Will and Probate Lawyers are Australia's leading Will Disputes and Inheritance Claim Lawyers

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Contested Wills and Probate Lawyers are Australia’s leading Will Dispute and Inheritance Claims Lawyers.

Unlike many other Australian law firms, Contested Wills and Probate Lawyers (CWPL) specialise only in Will Disputes and Inheritance Claims law. This means our team is one of the most experienced in this area of litigation.

We have offices in Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC, Brisbane QLD and Perth WA but can meet you anywhere in Australia, or work via Skype or telephone. So no matter where you are in Australia, we can help you protect your inheritance rights.

"Claim your entitlement. We offer a preliminary assessment, without obligation to you, and a No Win, No Fee* Plan if we proceed.”

Will Dispute Services

If you have been left out of a Will, or feel that you deserve an increased inheritance, we can help you dispute that Will. We will negotiate with the Executor or Administrator of the Will on your behalf to ensure you get what you are entitled to. To learn more about how CWPL can help you, visit our Will Disputes section.

Probate Services

Most Wills appoint someone as the Executor of the Will. This is the person who takes care of the assets of the deceased and will distribute funds and possessions to those named in the Will on their behalf. We help the Executor of the Will apply for probate at the Probate Office. This allows the Executor to legally start those duties. We also help with any other legal issues that can arise during this process.

Superannuation Claims

We can help you claim the unspent superannuation of your deceased spouse or family member if you are legally entitled to it.

Can’t Afford the Legal Fees?

Within our No Win, No Fee* Plan we offer a preliminary assessment of your inheritance claim, without obligation to you. In this meeting we will advise you whether we can offer you this plan. If you are not eligible, we will discuss any other arrangement which may be available. Our first half our meeting with you is free.