Will disputes in all states

Are you qualified to claim?

The laws that deal with the making of a Will Dispute Claim are complex and you should contact CWPL to see if you qualify.

Categories may apply

The laws of the Claim State set out the laws applicable to your claim. The Claim State is usually the State in which the deceased lived.

For all States and Territories except Victoria, various categories determine whether you qualify to make a claim, and each State has different categories. In order to make a claim, you need to have had a relationship with the deceased. Some examples of the types of relationships with the deceased that the courts may recognise are:

If Victoria is the Claim State, you do not need to fit into a particular “category”. However, you still must establish that the deceased had a responsibility to provide for you, and that the deceased failed to adequately provide for you on their death.

The above list is only a general guide to the different categories that may apply in each State. Not all of the categories apply in each State, so:

Find out if you qualify

Claim State

You also need to find out which is the Claim State. Sometimes the Claim State is not the one you thought it would be.

Time Limits

Ask us what time limits apply to your claim. If you commence your Inheritance Claim or Will Dispute late, you may lose your rights entirely.

If you are late, and have a good reason, CWPL may be able to get permission to file your claim late. So ask us about your options, but do not delay.

Ask us: Without obligation

Call us to confirm how the laws apply to your own particular circumstances:

We will be pleased to give you our Initial Review by phone. You will be under no obligation, and if you do not proceed with your inheritance claim or will dispute, our Initial Review will be free.

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