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About us

CWPL is a boutique law firm strongly focused on Will Disputes and Estate Litigation and operating from its offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

We can act for you in a Will Dispute in any State of Australia, or any Territory. We can act for you, wherever you live.

CWPL was founded by Terry Johansson who first started to practice law over 30 years ago. Our team of lawyers and paralegals can draw on their wealth of experience in tax, trusts, commercial and property work to achieve the best possible result for you. Our aim is to get the best results for you, so we really tailor our work to suit your situation.

Terry Johansson: Profile

Terry Johansson is a very experienced Wills and Estates lawyer, now working virtually exclusively in Will Disputes and Estate litigation.

Terry Johansson is accredited by both the Law Institute of Victoria and the Law Society of New South Wales as a Wills and Estate Specialist.

He is the only person with both of these qualifications.

Terry Johansson has been granted both a Law Degree and a Commerce Degree from the University of Melbourne, and he had attended many professional education courses and obtained qualifications in tax, accounting, financial planning, litigation and mediation.

He has years of experience in business law as well, and is admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor in the United Kingdom and Wales, but now practices only in Australia. He has also practiced as an international lawyer in Dubai.

His broad professional experience means that CWPL can help you, even if your case is complex.

Terry Johansson can act as a Mediator and can conduct a Mediation, either as an alternative to court action, or in order to try to settle existing court proceedings.

He can also act as your own your lawyer at a Mediation.

Terry Johansson is the only Australian lawyer to have sat on the Board of the prestigious Society of Estate and Trust Practitioners in London, a professional association with over 12,000 members and students worldwide.

Conferences & Publications

Terry Johansson has spoken at many conferences, all over the world.

He has also contributed to a number of journals, newsletters, and books, and even had his own column in a newspaper.