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No Win no fee plan

How our No Win, No Fee* Plan works

Some people are discouraged from commencing a claim because they are unable to risk paying any legal fees. Often they end up losing their rights, even though they have a good case.

If you sign our Conditional Cost Agreement (CCA) under our No Win, No Fee* Plan we will usually fund the whole case for you and we only claim our fees if we can get them paid by the Estate.

“Can’t afford the legal fees? Exercise your rights without outlaying a cent. We will charge you only if the estate pays.”

This means that if our Total Legal Expenses exceeded the amount you recovered from the Estate, we would reduce our fees to the amount you actually received from the other side, so you would not be out of pocket.

This is not likely to happen to you, as we always make a careful Formal Assessment of each claim before we start court proceedings.

So, usually we are able to recover more than our fees, and you keep what is left over. Although we cannot comment on your own situation in this site, we can say that in the vast majority of cases we have handled, our clients ended up with far more money than we charged them for our legal fees.

We can only advise you of the amount you are likely to receive from making a claim, and what proportion would go on our fees, after we have made a full assessment of your own, individual case. So, ask us what we think!

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