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Wills & Inheritance HQ – A valuable learning resource for issues and laws regarding inheritance, wills and bereavement issues in Australia.

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Publications For Conferences

Terry Johansson has presented papers at the following conferences:

  • LAAMS: Taxation of Trusts: 11th July 2000: Melbourne
  • STEP Winter Conference Tax & Trusts: December 2001: London
  • Victorian Government Immigration: October 2002: Dubai
  • Estate Planning: October 2002: Dubai
  • STEP Winter Conference: November 2002: London
  • Numerous articles for weekly column in The Khallej Times: 2002-2004: Dubai
  • STEP Canada: June 2003: Toronto, Canada
  • Australia Business Migration: May 2003: Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • ITSG International Tax Conference: September 2003: Monaco
  • Asset Protection: May 2004: Melbourne
  • STEP Canada National Conference: June 2004: Toronto, Canada
  • Australian Business in the Gulf: Business & Individuals: Tax September 2004: Dubai
  • ITSG Conference: China: October 2004: Hong Kong
  • Australian Business in the Gulf: Expatriate Remuneration: 24 October 2004: Dubai
  • Trusts: 9 December 2004: Hong Kong
  • Lexis Nexis: Estate Planning: March 2005: Melbourne
  • Making & Contesting Family Provision Claims: August 2006: Melbourne
  • 6th Wills, Succession & Estate Planning 20: 22nd February 2008: Melbourne
  • Ten – NSW Notional Estate Provisions: March 2008: Gold Coast
  • Notional Estates Issues for Accountants(NSW) Family Provision Act: April 2008: Gold Coast
  • Leo Cussen Institute: Wills & Estates Conference: July 2008: Melbourne
  • Tasmanian Law Society: Notional Estates NSW Family Provision: July 2008: Hobart
  • Leo Cussen: Wills & Estates Conference July 2008
  • Tasmanian Law Society: Notional Estate Conference July 2008
  • Law Society ACT- Conference: National Estates November 2008
  • CMS: Family Law Conference Melbourne March 2009
  • Presentation: CSA – Stafford Tax & Super Group: Will Disputes 12 November 2009

Publication Articles and Materials

Terry has written numerous articles and materials for publications including:

  • Contribution on “Service Trusts” for STEP Journal: London
  • Article on “Extending Time for Application for TFM under s99 Administration and Probate Act” for Wills and Probate Bulletin: May 2005
  • Contributor for Australia in “Trusts in Prime Jurisdictions” in both First Edition and Second Editions (2006) ISDN 0-9548706-9-7 / 978-0-9548706-9-0, published by Global Law and Business, London.