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No Win no fee plan

Our Conditional Cost Agreement (CCA) sets out the terms of the Plan

If we agree to work for you under our No Success, No Fee* Plan, we will offer to sign a Conditional Cost Agreement (CCA) with you. The most important terms are:

  1. We will only charge you our fees if we are able to recover them from the Estate.
  2. If the settlement monies are not enough to cover our fees, we shall reduce our fees so that the total fee is equal to the settlement monies. You will not need to pay us any money from your own pocket.
  3. Whatever is left from the settlement monies, after we have taken our fees would go straight to you. We do not charge a percentage of the settlement monies.
  4. If we recover nothing for you, we shall not charge you any fees.

As we have said, with most cases we have handled, our clients ended up with far more than we charged them for our legal fees

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Our uplift fee and CCA

When we prepare your account, we will increase the Professional Fee Component by 25% (the Uplift Fee) to compensate us for having to wait until a settlement is reached, or until the case is decided by the court, before we can be paid. It also compensates us for the risk that we take: the risk is that we may not recover all or any of our fees.

This is all set out in the CCA, which we would send to you to read before you sign it. We will also give you a worked example of how the CCA operates, when we open a file for you.

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