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Claim must be commenced in the Claim State

The State where you should make your claim is called the Claim State.

As a general rule, the Claim State is the State where the deceased lived, and perhaps any other State where the deceased had substantial assets, such as real estate.

The laws of the Claim State will normally apply to your claim, and any court action must be taken in the Claim State. Each State and Territory has a different system for handling a Will Dispute.

We can act for you whether or not you live in the Claim State.

If you live in a State other than the Claim State, we can save you a lot of travelling as we can sue in the Claim State for you, without you having to travel there. We will tailor our services to suit you.

While we were writing the material for this website, we had just started a claim in Western Australia for a man whose mother had lived in Perth. We were able to do this by meeting him in our Queensland office in Brisbane.

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Problems for clients from a different State

Often we find that people have been brought up in one Australian State and then moved interstate, or even overseas.

When family members pass on, people find that they may need to commence a Will Dispute or Inheritance Claim in the State where the deceased lived (the Claim State), even though they are now living thousands of miles away. This can raise some difficulties:

There can also be that nagging feeling that you may not have selected the right lawyer to act for you: one who is really focused on Will Disputes.

Our offices: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide

You can meet with us by appointment at our offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or our visiting office in Adelaide (appointment only), even if the case will be conducted in a different Claim State. This can save you lots of time and trouble, as you can easily deal with us locally.

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