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Mediation solve your dispute

Getting Terry Johansson as your lawyer at a mediation

If you and the other side have already appointed a Mediator, you can appoint Terry Johansson to act as your own lawyer, to work with you, the Mediator, and the other side, to try to get the best solution for you.

In this case Terry Johansson would not be neutral. As your lawyer Terry Johansson would be there to get the best result for you, his client!

He would use all his Mediation experience to put your case forward, in the best way to achieve a satisfactory outcome for you.

By using Terry Johansson as your lawyer you know that you are getting expert legal assistance plus the wisdom of a qualified Mediator.

Appointing Terry Johansson as your mediator

If you already have appointed a Mediator, but want an experienced lawyer to be on your side at the Mediation, contact Terry Johansson’s office and book a Mediation date in with him.

He will contact you to discuss the case and let you know what is required, and then prepare his submissions to put your case forward in the best light, at the Mediation.

Once you confirm that Terry Johansson is to act a your lawyer, you know that he is there for you!

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