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Superannuation and Life Insurance

Often we find that a large part of a person’s assets are tied up in a Superannuation Fund or a Life Insurance Policy. Usually these death benefits and insurance proceeds pass to beneficiaries outside of the Will.

This can provide a dilemma for someone who wishes to claim for an Inheritance or Increased Inheritance under the Will or under an intestacy, as there can be very few assets that they can claim directly by commencing a Will Dispute.

Sometimes the Trustee of the Fund proposes to pay a death benefit in a way that you feel is wrong.

Different rules work out who can apply to take a Superannuation death benefit, to the rules that work out who can commence a Will Dispute claim.

Call CWPL to find out:

  • Whether you can make a claim on the Superannuation Fund or the Insurer, either in addition to your claim for an Inheritance or Increased Inheritance, or as a separate matter altogether.
  • How you can present the “best case” to have the death benefit paid to you.
  • How you may be able to get the superannuation and insurance monies paid into the estate, so there will be monies to pay out your Will Dispute claim.
  • How best to enforce your rights.

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With our experience in financial planning and tax, we can give you the right advice to help you enforce your rights in this complex area, including possibly lodging a complaint in the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal.

Remember, strict time limits can apply and failure to act promptly may mean that you can lose your rights.

If you qualify, we can offer you our No Success, No Fee* Plan to cover Superannuation and Life Insurance Claims. Ask CWPL!

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