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No Win no fee plan

Our formal assessment of your case

With CWPL, the risk of you being required to pay the Estate’s legal costs is reduced, and the chance of your legal costs being awarded against the Estate is maximised, because we always make a careful analysis of your chances of success, before taking on your case.

We always start with an Initial Review on the phone, and if we cannot help you, or if you decide not to ask us to commence a Will Dispute for you, we will not charge you a cent.

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Then, before taking legal action we always make a Formal Assessment, to confirm that we believe you have a valid claim. We do not commence legal proceedings unless we feel sure that you have an entitlement.

If we are going to commence legal proceedings, we will explain our fee arrangements to you, and sign a fee agreement with you. That way you should know how your fees will be calculated and when they should be paid. No surprises!

If you qualify and sign up under our No Success, No Fee* Plan, you will only be charged a fee if you recover it from the Estate, and you will not have to outlay any fees from your own pocket

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