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Long distance help in all states

Service for you, wherever you live!

CWPL is especially set up to help the “long distance” client. For years, our Principal, Terry Johansson, has worked for clients from all over the world. Terry Johansson has worked overseas, and knows how you can feel, when you are so far away from everything.

We are skilled at looking after our clients, where-ever they live. So, we aim to make you feel comfortable in dealing with us, even if you are not a local. We use all forms of modern technology to stay in touch, including video link!

Clients who live out of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth.

If you cannot get to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth we can still offer you an Initial Review of your claim on the telephone, without any obligation, even if the claim has to be made in some other State. You will be under no obligation, and if you do not proceed with your Will Dispute, our Initial Review will be free, and without any obligation.

If we cannot help you, we will charge you nothing for our Initial Review.

If we do proceed with your case, the first half hour of our first conference, held in our office or on the phone, is also free.

If we can help you, we will offer you our No Success, No Fee* arrangement.

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Claims in all States and Territories

The laws of each State and Territory are different, so if we can help you we will give you a Formal Assessment as to whether you qualify, and tell you in which Claim State the case must be commenced. We will also tell you what time limits apply to you making your claim.

Save travelling to the claim state

By using CWPL, you can also reduce the number of visits you need to make to the Claim State. If your claim settles at Mediation, you will probably only need to go once.

A Mediation is an informal meeting of all of the lawyers, the Claimant and the representatives from the Estate, held before the court hearing, and many cases settle there and then, without a court hearing.

If you cannot make it to one of our offices, we can usually commence your claim without you having to leave home.

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